The rules promulgated in this Rule Book are intended as guidelines fir the sport of tractor and truck pulling, and the rules relating to the safety of the equipment are the responsibility of each driver who participates in the sport of tractor and truck pulling under these rules. No expressed or implied warranty of safety is intended nor may be inferred from the publication of these rules, nor the compliance therewith. Nothing herein should be construed as a guarantee against injury or death to participants, bystanders, or spectators.

Specifications and rules set fourth in this Rule Book are based upon the recommendations of the competing members, crewman, and other participants in the sport of tractor and truck pulling, and all participants in a PTPA sanctioned event must assume all liability for any damage or loss caused by of flowing from their equipment and their use thereof.

The PTPA specifically states that it has not tested any equipment or use of equipment that it refers to in this Rule Book and makes no warranties either specific or implied with regard thereto and any user thereof must look to the manufacturer thereof with regard to said warranties.


A.      Sanction forms for sanctioning a PTPA event must be at the PTPA office a minimum of sixty (60) days before the day of the event with the check to cover the insurance and sanction fee. Order of the pull be listed on the sanction form and be run in that order on the day (s) of the event. No event will be listed in the newsletter until the sanction fee is received at the PTPA office.

B.       All PTPA sanctioned events must be sanctioned by the PTPA. All sanction contracts must be signed by all parties involved.

C.       All PTPA sanctioned events must be operated by a Competition Director, Flagman, and Tech Inspector approved by the PTPA Executive Board. All vehicles competing at a sanctioned event must be safety inspected. The Competition Director of a sanctioned event shall be the person to make all final decisions. The Competition Director cannot compete at the same event. All approved Competition Directors, Flagmen, and Tech Inspectors must be certified by PTPA. Any chapter that allows a pull to start more than one-half (1/2) hour late except for weather conditions, can be penalized $50.00 upon the PTPA office receiving  a letter indicating that the pull did start over one-half (1/2) hour late. The $50.00 penalty will be assessed at the next Full Board meeting of the PTPA after all of the facts have been brought forward.

D.      All co-sanctioned events must be approved by the PTPA Executive Board.

E.       The PTPA Executive Board has the power to refuse sanctioning any event.

F.       All sanction fees will be $50.00 per class with a maximum of $150.00 per event, per day before March, 1 after which the sanctioning fees double. All events must be sanctioned a minimum of sixty (60) days before the date of the event. After a sanction contract has been accepted by the PTPA office, any changes to that contract must be made in writing to the PTPA office and signed by the chapter Competition Director. There will be no refund of sanction fees, however rain-outs will receive a credit.


G.       All events must post a form from the PTPA office, indicating that the pull is sanctioned by the PTPA and the minimum of $2,000,000.00 insurance is purchased by the promoter for the event has been received at the PTPA office, sixty (60) days prior to the day of the event. If the insurance certificate is not received at he PTPA office sixty (60) days prior to the event, the event can be canceled by the PTPA Executive Board.


H.      Results of the sanctioned event must be at the PTPA office within fifteen (15) days after the event. One (1) copy of the small registration form and one (1) copy of the large (line-up/track crew) form is required with placing and distance marked on both the small and large forms. Results must be in order with the first place #1, second place #2, etc. All small forms must have marked on them the number of the vehicle that pulled. The distance is to be put on the small form as each vehicle competes. All long forms must have number of vehicle that pulled and track crew must check each number as vehicle pulls and indicate on the long form and make changes if necessary to verify if the number on long line-up sheet is the number of the vehicle that went down the track.     



A.       An entry fee of 1% of the posted purse for each class  shall be collected for each entry.

B.        A hook fee of $5.00 shall be collected in addition to the entry fee and the hook fee shall be mailed to the PTPA office with the result forms for that event. Hook fees are non-refundable.

C.        Promoters shall provide two (2) free admissions per competition vehicle for all contestants in a given class.      



       $500     $1100     $1500    $ 2000    $ 2500


1.      130         275         375         400         500


2.        90         220         300         280         400


3.        80         165         225         240         200


4.        60         135         150         200         250


5.        50         115         135         180         225


6.        40           90         105         160         200


7.        30           60           75         150         195


8.        20           40           60         140         170


9.                                      45         130         160


10.                                    30         120         130




A.      All drivers competing in a PTPA sanctioned class 

                  must be a current PTPA competing member to 

                  receive PTPA points.

B.       Points.   All pulling vehicles will receive five (5)

                  hook points for moving the sled at least 1” (inch). 

                  If a pulling vehicle breaks at he event and scratches 

                  from the class, he will receive return of his entry 

                  fee. A vehicle must break at the event to receive 

                  five (5) hook points or return of entry fee. In 

                  addition to hook points, placing points will be 

                  awarded by 30 points for first place and going 

                  down by two (2). The points contest runs from 

                  October, 1 to September, 30. A class must be held 

                  at least three (3) times in one season and a vehicle 

                  must compete at least three (3) times in that class 

                  to qualify for year end point fund monies.  

C.       All persons entering an event including the driver  shall pay an admission price (unless waived, see section II-C). At that time, the person  hauling a competition vehicle(s) shall receive two (2) vouchers per vehicle. The vouchers are to be presented at the time of registration for a refund of the admission per voucher. If a sanctioned event is scheduled  for more than one session or day , the  driver shall receive a voucher good for admission during the entire event. A pulling vehicle with all drivers must be registered at one time for all classes it will be pulled at that event. Entry closes one-half (1/2) hour prior to start of the event.

D.      In a first pull off all participants shall be required to make an honest attempt to pull or he / she will receive the same points and purse as the top vehicle that did not qualify for the pull off.


E.       All vehicles competing at PTPA sanctioned events must be safety inspected. No vehicle will be allowed to compete unless it has been safety inspected for that event. At all PTPA sanctioned events, competitors in the Super Stock, Pro Stock, Pro Sportsman, Truck, Mini, Modified, and Mod Stock classes must have all kill switches and air shutoff checked. All Vehicles must have a Ball Valve Shut off on any Fuel Tank.



A.      All drivers registering to compete in a PTPA        sanctioned class and wish to receive points for that class must be a PTPA member.

B.       Chapter registration officials are responsible to   check for current PTPA membership cards.

C.       The membership year is from January 1 to December 31. Insurance coverage year is as per the Insurance Company.

D.      If a person has joined the PTPA and has not had sufficient time to receive their membership card by return mail, he must show a signed receipt from an authorized PTPA person that they have paid the required membership fee. PTPA membership applications can be obtained on the day of  the event at registration booth. Membership monies MUST accompany the pull results when sent to the PTPA office.



A.      Any event or session canceled for any reason, must 

                  be canceled by the Competition Director of the  

                  chapter that has signed the sanction contract for the


B.       When cancellation occurs six (6) hours prior to

                  starting time the following shall apply:

1.     Sanction fee credits for cancellation and rain  outs shall be as follows:


a.        If an event is canceled for any reason forty-five (45) days prior to the date of the event, one-half (1/2) of the sanction fee will be credited to the chapter for future sanction fees.


b.       After forty-five (45) days prior to the event, 

                               there will be no credit on the sanction fee   

                               for pulls canceled, except for rain outs. The 

                               PTPA Executive Board has the final 

                               Decision on all refunds.

2.     In the event of a rain out, 100% of the sanction 

fee will be credited to the chapter for future sanction fees. If the chapter failed to follow the procedures on rain outs and cancellations as per this contract, the 100% credit to the chapter will be automatically canceled.

Cancellations or rain outs called six (6) hours prior to starting time of the event … no points are given

   If the event or session is canceled before six (6) hours prior to the starting time of the event, the Competition Director is required to immediately contact the PTPA Office and the PTPA Executive Board members by phone and notify them of the cancellation. The Competition Director must also immediately send a letter to the PTPA Office indicating why the event was canceled. The Competition Director must make every effort possible to inform competitors that the event has been canceled.

C.    When cancellation occurs after six (6) hours from

        starting time the following shall apply:

1.  If canceled after six (6) hours prior to the      starting time of the event, the chapter registration people must register the people who show up on the grounds to compete. To register, a vehicle must be on the grounds at the event. Registration must stay open until the scheduled time that the event was to start. Copies of the line up sheets and small forms are to be sent to the PTPA Office the same as a normal pull, except that it is to be noted that it was a rain out and there was no competition. If canceled during the event the same information is to be sent to the PTPA Office with the addition of  completed information for those classes that were completed. This information is needed for rain points.

2.  Any cancellation for any reason, after the six (6) hours to starting time and during the event, shall use the same requirements listed for a rain out.

3.     A session of pulling shall be called a complete 

show if one-half (1/2) of the sanction advertised classes have been run. If during a class it is rained out and two-thirds (2/3) of the entries have pulled, it is considered a complete class.


             D.  Purse at Rainouts

1.   Classes that two-thirds (2/3) entered have 

                         competed, shall be considered  a completed 

                         class. A session with two-thirds (2/3) of the      

                       classes complete shall be considered a completed session.


2.     Regular purse shall be paid to 100% completed classes. If two-thirds (2/3) have hooked to the sled and class is rained out, one (1) purse placing for each vehicle that has hooked shall be added together and evenly divided among those that have hooked. Remaining purse places, one (1) place per vehicle remaining, if any remain, shall be added together and divided evenly among those that have not hooked.

If all entered vehicles have hooked to the sled and more than one (1) vehicle makes a full pull and the pull off is rained out, one (1) purse placing for each full pull shall be added together and evenly divided between those that made full pulls, all those that did not make full pulls shall get regular purse placing.


3.     If by rain out rules, session is considered complete, the promoter will be required to pay the purse to all non-completed classes by evenly dividing the purse between entries. One (1) purse placing per entry to be used.

4.     If by rain out rules, session is not considered      complete, the promoter will have the option of paying uncompleted class entries the same as Section  V-D-#3, or return gate money or offer rain checks to the spectators for a similar pulling event. If an entry fee was collected, entry fee must be returned to all entries that class purses are not paid.


E.    Points at Rainouts

1.Five (5) rain points will be given to those  

officially entered in each rain out class. If the rained out class is rescheduled on a date other than originally scheduled pull dates, hook points will also be given at the time the rescheduled classes are run. All entries in each class rained out class will receive only their five (5) rain points regardless of the promoters decision on the gate refund or rain checks.    

                            Completed classes at a rained out event shall 

                            receive normal points. Any class not  

                            completed for any reason will fall under the 

                            five (5) rain points category. NOTE: FOR 

                            POINTS “COMPLETED” MEANS EVERY 

                            VEHICLE REGISTERED IN A CLASS 

                            MUST HAVE HOOKED.

                            For points only, if all vehicles registered in a  

                            class have made one (1) completed pull and 

                            more than one (1) makes a full pull, the class 

                            will be considered complete and points will 

                             be awarded as follows, those vehicles that

                             have made a full pull will add up one (1) 

                             placing of points per vehicle that made a full

                             pull and evenly divided by the number that 

                             has made full pulls. The remaining vehicles 

                             in the class that have not made a full pull 

                             will receive the actual points per placing as 

                             they have placed in the class.

F.    Rescheduling of  sanctioned pulls is at the

   discretion of the promoter and the chapter    

   sanctioning the event, both must agree.  

   Rescheduling of invitational pulls must have the        

   approval of the PTPA Executive Board.


VI.              INSURANCE

A.      All insurance monies and  sanctioning  contract must be submitted to the PTPA Office BEFORE an insurance certificate will be issued.

B.       It is the promoters responsibility to see that the 

event is insured, and that all insurance requirements are completed upon receipt of the sanction contract at the PTPA Office or the event can be canceled.


The event must be insured for a minimum of $5,000,000.00 combined single limit bodily and property liability.


Comprehensive general liability for a pulling event, including spectator liability, and facilities physical damage insurance coverage. THERE CAN BE NO PARTICIPANTS LIABILITY EXCLUSIONS.


Insurance forms are available for the promoter to be insured under the PTPA master policy. Fill out and return to the PTPA Office with monies to cover the number of sessions.


C.       All persons will be required to sign the Agreement of Release when registering. (THIS INCLUDES ALL PERSONS WHO ENTER THE PIT AREA)


A.      All scales must remain set in operating condition at all PTPA sanction events until the last vehicle has pulled in the last PTPA sanction class on that day. The Competition Director has the authority to weigh any and all vehicles at any time.

B.       The following equipment is required at all PTPA 

sanction pulls.


1.        A chisel plow, heavy disc, rototiller or similar device to work the track to a minimum depth of six (6) inches to prepare the pulling surface and a tractor capable of operating this device.

2.        A water truck, fire engine, liquid manure

spreader, etc. holding enough water to able to completely wet down the track if necessary. Under normal conditions at least 5,000 gallons or more is required to prepare the track.


3.        A minimum of five (5) tow tractors of at 

least 40-60 hp, with operators to tow pulling vehicles on and off the scales and around the pit area.



4.        A three (3) point hitch track leveling 

                    v-blade or box scraper behind a tractor or a 

 road grader to work the track between each  

 vehicle. No straight blade for primary track 

grading or maintenance. Straight blades to

be used only as a second or third blade.

5.        A rubber tired roller to roll the track between each vehicle.

6.        Adequate lighting for track and pit area.

Any promoter that does not supply the equipment as outlined shall be required to forfeit an amount equal to current sanction fees and forward this amount to the sanctioning chapter to be forwarded to the PTPA points fund. If any promoter does not willing turn over the current sanction fee amount to the chapter, the chapter will be held responsible to send to the PTPA the amount equal to those funds.

If the chapter sanctioning the event does not follow the guidelines of this sanctioning contract, including all aspects of this contract including tech inspecting, safety requirements, maintaining area for spectators, and run off area etc., that chapter will required to submit to the PTPA Office the amount equal to the current sanction fees. Those amounts sent to the PTPA Office by the chapters will go into the points fund of the classes being sanctioned at that pull.

For current sanction fees to be sent to the PTPA Office, the chapter or promoter must be protested by a PTPA member with protest being received at the PTPA Office with in thirty (30) days after the event. After receiving the protest the PTPA Executive Board will schedule a hearing to determine if infraction of sanction contract did occur.

C.       The promoter, property owner, and the chapter 

                      sanctioning the pull are to confer with the Competition Director in preparing the track. The Competition Director shall make all final decisions and will have the responsibility of the track with all parties involved understanding that the Competition Director makes all final decisions. 


A.             Any contestant who feels that another contestant’s vehicle is illegal or that another contestant has illegally entered or has violated any rules, procedures, requirements, etc., as required by this rule book may protest that contestant and or vehicle.


The following procedures are required to file any protest.


1.        Protest forms are available from the PTPA Office or available from the Competition Director at any PTPA sanctioned event. No protest is official or can be accepted or can be discussed with the Competition Director until the protest form is filled out in its entirety and signed by the protester and submitted to the PTPA Office with a $250.00 deposit or shall be filled out in its entirety and submitted to the Competition Director in charge of the event where the infraction is or has occurred. No protest shall be considered official or shall be accepted or shall be discussed by the Competition Director until the sum of $250.00 in us currency deposit is in the hands of the Competition Director of the event.


2.        Form and deposit shall be turned over to the PTPA Office and investigation and any and all hearings, meetings, phone conversations, etc. shall be conducted by the PTPA Executive Board and a decision of the majority of the Executive Board members on a vote taken in person, by phone, or by individual contact as polled by the President or Executive Secretary.


3.        A period of one (1) week will be allowed for a PTPA representative selected by the PTPA Executive Board to look over the vehicle, during this time the vehicle will be allowed to compete.


4.        If the vehicle or contestant have been found to be illegal, as per above, the deposit will be returned to the contestant who has filed the protest. If the vehicle or contestant were legal according to the protest, the protested vehicle or contestant would get the $250.00 deposit.


5.        All decisions shall be made by the PTPA Executive Board. The PTPA Executive Board, if they so desire, may ask the PTPA Full Board of Directors for a vote on the protest.


B.               Protest on fuel must be made before the vehicle in question leaves the track. The protester must fill out the protest form and submit a deposit of $250.00 in U.S. currency to the Competition Director in order to make the protest valid and at that time the Competition Director must be the individual who informs the protested contestant that his vehicle will be sampled before it leaves the track area. The track area is defined as anywhere the Competition Director is satisfied  that fair sampling can be conducted without interrupting the remainder of the event.


1.        Sampling shall be taken only by the Competition Director or a person appointed by the Competition Director of that event. One (1) individual shall take all three (3) samples.


2.        Samples shall be taken only with equipment supplied by the PTPA for fuel sampling. All fuel sampling kits shall be sealed and opened in the presence of the protester and protested.


3.        Three (3) samples shall be taken per the instructions of the sample kit. One (1) sample is to be given to an individual selected by the protester, one (1) sample given to an individual selected by the protested, and one (1) sample will be retained by the Competition Director of the event. Each individual receiving a sample of the fuel and the Competition Director will mail their sample in the shipping envelopes or containers included in the testing kit. The cost of all laboratory testing will be paid as follows:


a.        If the vehicle fuel is found to be illegal the protested vehicle owner shall pay all laboratory testing and mailing costs.


b.        If the fuel is found to be a legal fuel the cost of all laboratory testing and mailing shall be paid by the protester.


c.        All decisions on fuels being legal or illegal shall be per the Executive Boards decision as indicated  previously on any protest.


d.        Cost of testing shall be paid as per previously mentioned and if not paid within thirty (30) days of receiving an invoice of testing costs from the PTPA Office, the vehicle will be considered ineligible for competition at any PTPA sanctioned event and the owner (s) or driver (s) will be considered illegal to participate at any PTPA sanctioned event until all testing costs are paid.

C.              Any contestant that feels that the PTPA or a chapter sanctioning an event has not followed the rules of this rulebook or has misrepresented this rulebook, can be protested. Procedure shall be the same as normal protest form and procedure.

D.              On any protest the PTPA Executive Board can invoke or can ask the PTPA Full Board to invoke a penalty on the vehicle and driver (s), which would not allow them to compete for a 1year and 10 day period to start as of the day of the final decision. All purse monies, contingency monies, points awards, escrow awards, and monies, etc. would be at the decision of the PTPA Executive Board or the Board asked to make a decision.

E.               Protest on engine size, protester must be a competition driver in that class at that event. This rule pertains to all PTPA classes.

F.               CUBIC INCHES are measured as follows