WEIGHT CLASS: 9,500 lbs. A Pump 9,000 lbs. P Pump


1.   Tractors must be stock block agricultural tractors. Engine must be original type or factory replacement for make and model.  OEM stock type head for that model or series of engine. OEM stock type intake for that series engine.  Tractors are allowed to run a tube type header exhaust.  Alterations for mounting of fuel pump allowed.  Tractors are allowed to use Electric Fuel pumps. All turbochargers must be under hood. Original style grill and hoods must be in place. All wheels must be in place. All tractors must have fenders in place. All tractors must have rear wheel brakes in working condition. All exhaust must discharge upward with a minimum pipe length of 18” from the hood line. Gas powered tractors must use only one updraft carburetor. No fuel injection on gas powered tractors.  All tractors must use fuel that engine was designed for.

2.   All chassis components must be steel, NO ALUMINUM CHASSIS PARTS (i.e. rear housing, final drive housings, transmission, frame rails)


4.   Fuel system allowed will be an A pump or P Pump with 1 plunger per cylinder.  All tractors must be equipped with a 3 way dump valve valve must be installed ahead of the injection pump.  

5.      Intercoolers / Aftercoolers and water injection allowed

6.   All fans must be shrouded 360 Degrees with minimum 1/16” steel. Electric fans allowed

7.      Maximum engine displacement of 540 cubic inches.

8.      All tractors will be required to have:

9.  The use of torque converters, automatic shifts, etc. will be permitted on original factory equipment for that make and model.

10. Centrifugal style slipper clutches allowed.

11. Tractors Limited to 24.5x32. Cut Tires.

12. Turbocharger: Maximum of one turbocharger with a maximum measurement of 3” at the intake wheel and 3" at the exhaust wheel. 3 X 3 small base turbochargers only.  No welding or altering turbo base to accommodate smaller bolt pattern on a larger bolt pattern turbo. Alterations for mounting of turbo allowed.  Any tractor with a plastic or fiberglass hood must have the turbocharger shielded by .060’’ steel.

13. All drawbars are to be stationary in all directions. Maximum height of drawbar to be 20”. Length of drawbar to be no less than 18” from center of rear axle. Drawbar must be equipped with a steel-hitching device 1, thick, with a 3” diameter hole. Cross sectional thickness must be 7/8” minimum. Pulling point may not be more than 1 Ό” from the back edge of the hitching device. PTPA suggests fastening hitching device with one 7/8” or two 5/8” grade 5 or higher bolt(s). No top bracing except for complete factory setup. No quick hitch type adapters allowed on tractors.

14. No portion of tractor or ballast may interfere with sled or hitching device during pull.

15. No weight frame or weights may extend more than 24” beyond the most forward point of the tractor. All weight frames and weights must be stationary and safely secured to tractor, and must not extend beyond rear tires. No weights may be located in a position that could hinder safe operation of the tractor, or endanger the driver. No ballast on tractor seat or deck. No weights may exceed in width 12” beyond the tires. No weights or brackets to be any closer than 8” to draw bar hook point. Any ballast lost during a pull will justify disqualification.

16. All tractors must have stabilizer bars to be constructed as follows: Pads on bottom of bars to be a minimum of 5” square. Pads to be a minimum of 32” rearward from the center of the axle housing. Pads to be a maximum of 10” off the ground. Outside width of pads to be a minimum of 20”. Minimum of 12” high bumper bar to be fastened to stabilizer bar. Do not connect hitch and stabilizer bars. Bars must be able to support the weight of the tractor in the heaviest class entered.

17. All tractors must be equipped with a safety kill switch.  Diesel tractors must have a working air shutoff.  Any tractor with an electric fuel pump, the kill switch must be tied to the air shut off. The shut off must be within reach when the driver is wearing their seat belt or harness.  The air shutoff cable must have a minimum 2” diameter solid ring with a minimum 1/8” cross section thickness attached to it which must be unobstructed and easily hooked from sled. Kill switch must also be able to be operated manually by the operator from the seat of the tractor while wearing their safety harness.


19. All tractors must be equipped with a deadman throttle.

20. All tractors must be equipped with a working/charged 2.5 lb. fire extinguisher.

21.  All tractors must be equipped with a seatbelt, and must be worn during the pull.

22.  Contestants must be 18 or at least 16 years of age with parents’ or guardians signed consent.

23.  All tractors must be teched / inspected before being allowed to pull.

24. Top three tractors from each class subject to reinspection following completion of class.

25Weight class 9,500 lbs. A Pump, 9,000 lbs P Pump.