A.  Weight class is 1800 lb.


1.  Maximum width is six (6) ft.             

2.  Maximum length is eight (8) ft. from center of rear axle to the further most point forward.

3.  All power must be transmitted through the rear wheels. No four wheel drives, dual tires, chains, or studs.

4.  Maximum tire size 18.4 x 16.1.

5.  Working brakes are mandatory. Can be either driveline or rear wheel brakes.

6.  Driveline brake components, if used, must be shielded with 5/16 steel or 3/8 aluminum, 360 degrees around.

7.  All driveline components must be completely enclosed with 5/16 steel or 3/8 aluminum and be securely fastened to the vehicle frame.

8.  Engines to have side shields, a minimum of .060 thick steel or aluminum. Shielding to be from bottom of cylinder head to 2 below crankshaft centerline for the entire length of the block on both sides.

9.  Chassis must have a wide front axle with the front wheels tracking within the rear wheels.

10.  Vehicle must have fenders between the driver and the tires that forms a solid barrier. The fender must be a minimum of 1 over the height of the tires and must extend 4 horizontally from the inside edge of the tire in the same configuration as the tire with a minimum length of 18 at the top of the fender.

11.  Drawbar must be constructed of solid steel or steel tubing with a wall thickness of minimum. If steel tubing is used a 5/16 cable, with a minimum of 2 cable clamps must be used. The cable is to wrap around the rear axle housing and around the outer diameter of the hitching device. It may be secured to the hitching device with wire or zip ties.

12.  Drawbar to be rigid in all directions

13.  Maximum drawbar height is 13 measured parallel to the ground.

14.  Drawbar to be a minimum of 6 in length measured from center of rear axle to the point of hook.

15.  Point of hook must be a minimum of thick steel and have a 2 round hole with a cross sectional thickness of not more than .

16.  Chassis must have rear stabilizer bars with pads or wheels on bottom of bars.

17.  Pads are to a minimum of 4 sq. in., and wheels to be a minimum of 5 in diameter and 1 wide.

18.  Pads or wheels to be a minimum of 1/2 the tire diameter rearward from the centerline of the rear axle.

19.  Pads or bottom of wheels to be a maximum of 6 above the ground. One pad or wheel on each side of vehicle.

20.  Stabilizer bars are not to be attached to the drawbar or hitching device in any way.

21.  Stabilizer bars must be able to support the weight of the vehicle.

22.  No part of weights may extend rearward beyond the rear of the rear tires.

23.  Vehicle must be equipped with a properly secured factory type seat or a fabricated equivalent.

24.  Vehicle must have a deadman throttle of positive mechanical type, with 2 return springs. All foot throttles must have a toe strap.

25.  Vehicles are required to have a kill switch that interrupts the ignition system and electric fuel pump if equipped. Location to be 18 above the point of hook, and no more than 6 off center in any direction. The kill switch will have a solid ring of at least 2 in diameter and minimum of 1/8 cross sectional thickness.


1.  Vehicles equipped with any type of clutch must use a blowproof bellhousing having no non-factory holes drilled or cut in it except for a clutch maintenance / inspection hole with appropriate cover and one 1 cooling hole. It must also be equipped with a block saver plate of 3/16 steel or aluminum. Only steel or aluminum components permitted. NO CAST IRON COMPONENTS. (components are defined as flywheel, pressure plate, floaters or clutch disc (s).

2.  Automatic transmissions must use a SEMA approved or equivalent safety blanket or safety shield covering the transmission and securely fastened

3.  Vehicle must have a positive reverse gear lockout, and neutral safety switch which prevents engine from starting in gear.

4.  Vehicle must have an operating reverse gear.


1.  No superchargers, turbochargers, or fuel injection allowed.

2.  All vehicles are limited to one engine with a maximum size of 500 cu. in..

3.  Engine limited to one automotive type four barrel carburetor.

4.  No aluminum blocks allowed.

5.  Aluminum heads permitted.

6.  Material for harmonic balancers recommended to be steel.

7.  Factory OEM harmonic balancers must be shielded with 3/16 steel 360 degrees around.

8. SFI approved balancers or hubs of steel do not require shielding.

9.  A bolt is required in the end of the crankshaft to retain the balancer or hub.

10.  All exhaust systems must discharge vertically within 10 degrees (in any direction) being plumb. The height shall be a minimum of 12 above the bend in the pipe.

11.  Only electric engine cooling fans are allowed.



1.   Legal fuels are gasoline, alcohol, diesel fuel, water, and propane. ALL FORMS OF NITROMETHANE, NITROUS OXIDE, AND PROPYLENE OXIDE ARE PROHIBITED.




1.    Driver must wear a D.O.T. approved helmet and a fire suit.


2.   Vehicle must be equipped with a fuel shutoff with the control within reach of the driver.


3.   Vehicle must be equipped with an operational fire extinguisher.