8000 2.6 and 3.0 Smooth Bore DIESEL 4X4 TRUCKS

Credentials: The vehicle may be two or four-wheel drive. Pulling vehicles may be held for post competition tech inspection. Failure to abide may result in a DQ. 

Weight: 8000 lbs. Maximum, with driver.


Ballast: Ballast is permitted. Hanging weights may not extend more than 60 inches from the centerline of the front axle.

Batteries: The batteries must be securely mounted. They may not be located in the driver compartment or forward of weight bar. If not in stock OEM location must be in an approved battery box and have a master disconnect switch that is easily accessible and marked clearly.

Body: The body must be an OEM truck body, including the full bed floor. The body and truck bed must retain full factory sheet metal. Metal aftermarket hoods are permitted. Fiberglass is prohibited. The hood must be closed and securely latched while the vehicle is hooked to the sled. The complete OEM firewall and complete OEM floor pan is mandatory. No Flat Beds. A truck that has “Modified” their OEM Frame/Body is limited to 158” wheelbase. The modifications must use all OEM parts for modification. Any designs that the SCTPA Tech Official deems that are a weight saving ploy maybe subject to a handicap.

Brakes: Front brakes are mandatory.

Chassis: The OEM chassis is mandatory. The engine must be in the OEM location for the body used. The vehicle must retain the full OEM chassis. Wheel tubs, back-half conversions, tube chassis, etc., are prohibited.

Cooling System: Optional.

Credentials: All drivers must have a valid state driver’s license.

Driveline: An OEM transmission and transfer case is mandatory for with a 2.6" turbo. They must have been an option on a one-ton or smaller pickup. **An “Open Driveline” will be permitted if running a 3.0” smooth bore turbo. Trucks will weigh 8000 Lbs. Aftermarket rear-ends permitted on all trucks.

Driver Restraint System: The OEM restraint system is mandatory and must be worn.

Driveshaft Loops: All trucks running for points must have a minimum of six-inch wide u-joint shields around the rear u-joint constructed of at least 1/4 inch steel or 3/8 inch aluminum that will safely contain the u-joint and the end of the rear shaft.

Engine: The engine block must have been available as a factory option on a one-ton or smaller pickup truck. Filled block allowed. No billet aluminum or billet steel blocks/heads. Aftermarket radiator assemblies are permitted, but must be securely mounted in the same area as the OEM unit.

FireSuit: SFI approved Fire jacket, long pants and leather shoes are required for all drivers of trucks that are not currently licensed, insured and inspected for street use

Helmet: A motor sport type Helmet is required for all drivers of trucks that are not currently licensed, insured and inspected for street use

NITROUS OXIDE: is prohibited along with other oxygen extenders and the use of PROPANE is also prohibited. All system components MUST be removed.

Exhaust: All vehicles must be equipped to direct exhaust upward including stock exhaust systems. Hood stacks are permitted. Two 3/8 inch diameter bolts must be installed through the exhaust pipe in a cross pattern within one inch of each other as close to the turbo as is practical if competing at more than 2 events per year. Hood stack exhaust must be at least 6” above closed position of the hood.

Fire Extinguisher System: A fire extinguisher system is permitted. It must be securely mounted.

Fuel: The fuel must be pump #1/#2 diesel; Soy/Bio-diesel fuel is permitted. All fuel must be commercially available. The fuel tank must be in the O.E.M location /or/ in an approved racing type fuel cell mounted and properly secured. If the fuel cell is installed in another location a ball valve that is clearly marked and easily accessible is required. The fuel cell may not be in front of the weight bar or anywhere in the driver’s compartment.

Fuel Injection Pump: The fuel injection pump is limited to a stock-appearing, OEM engine make-specific pump only. Dual high-pressure common-rail fuel pumps or HPOPs are permitted. Maximum size of a P7100 of pump. Only plunger per cylinder, no Sigma, Billet or re-cast pumps.

Harmonic Balancer: All engines turning 4500 RPM and higher must be equipped with a harmonic balancer or damper meeting SFI Spec 18.1.

Ice Water Intercoolers: Ice water intercoolers are permitted.

Hitch: Reinforcements are permitted. Any hitch attachments/bracing must be from frame down not from axle up. Reinforcements must not extend forward of the centerline of the rear axle. Hook point may be no closer than 44” inches of centerline of rear axle. Trick hitches are prohibited. The hitch must stationary in all directions. Bumpers may be notched or removed. The hitch’s height from the ground may not exceed 26. The hooking point must have a minimum 3.750-inch inside diameter opening for the sled hook. The hooking point will be measured to the rear of the opening in the clevis/hook.clevis loop. Hooking point (i.e. where the hook drops) must be parallel to the ground. Final decision of legality of all hitches resides with the head tech official.

Interior: A single aftermarket seat is permitted but must be equipped with a safety restraint system.

Rear End: Non-OEM rear-end housings are prohibited. The rear end must have been an option on a 1-ton or smaller truck. Rear axle bolts to be covered by a cap or shield.

Steering: The vehicle must retain the full, original OEM steering gear. Additional stabilizers are permitted. May use hydraulic steering but must be able to have control in case of hydraulic failure.

Street Equipment: Complete OEM windshield and windows are mandatory. No Lexan, etc. Permitted. Windows must be operative per factory specifications; that is, they must open and close via OEM electrical or mechanical means. Driver’s window must be completely rolled up while competing. Other windows on truck may be lowered.

Suspension, Front: The factory suspension configuration must be retained. The upper mounting point for strut assemblies must be in the factory location. Adjustable caster/camber pillow ball mounts are permitted. The lower control arm may be strengthened provided factory-mounting points to chassis are maintained. The lower mounting point for the strut assembly may be modified for improved caster or camber. Strut tower braces, lower tie bars, sway bars, and limit straps are permitted. Traction bars and devices are permitted.

Suspension, Rear: Rear end must be in OEM factory location. Must use factory mounting points. Traction bars and devices are permitted. Control arms may be strengthened or replaced, provided all original mounting points are retained. Strut tower braces, lower tie bars, sway bars, limit straps, and camber kits are permitted. The rear suspension may be bolted/welded solid to eliminate travel. Air bags/shocks are permitted but must have all lines/ compressor disconnected. Open rear end permitted.

Tires: The tires must be DOT street tires. Cut tires are prohibited.

Throttle: The use of a hand throttle is allowed. All throttles will have a dead man throttle that will automatically return to a closed position. Throttles will work in a forward to reverse motion, forward being open. Two springs will be required on the hand throttle and one spring on the fuel injection pump.

Transfer Case: Non-OEM transfer cases are prohibited. It must have been an option on a one-ton or smaller pick up truck.

Transmission, Automatic: Non-OEM transmissions are prohibited. Aftermarket torque converters, valve bodies and internal components are permitted. Transmission brakes are prohibited. Any non-OEM floor-mounted automatic transmission shifter must be equipped with a spring-loaded positive reverse lockout device to prevent the shifter from accidentally being put into reverse gear. A functional neutral safety switch is mandatory. All transmission lines must be metallic or high-pressure-type hose. All vehicles with engines running 4500 RPM or more and using an automatic transmission must be equipped with a transmission shield meeting SFI Spec 4.1 and must be labeled accordingly. A blanket-type shield is permitted; it must be appropriately labeled as meeting SFI Spec 4.1 and it must extend from the rear of the block to the front of tail housing with a minimum six-inch overlap where it is fastened. All non-blanket-type shields must incorporate two (or one, per manufacturers instructions) 3/4 inch by 1/8 inch straps that bolt to the shield on each side and pass under the transmission pan unless the transmission pan is labeled as meeting SFI Spec 4.1. All vehicles with engines running 4500 RPM or more and using an automatic transmission must be equipped with a flex plate meeting a Minimum SFI Spec 29.1 and be covered by a flex plate shield meeting SFI Spec 30.1

Transmission, Manual: Non-OEM transmissions are prohibited. Aftermarket internal components are permitted. A clutch meeting minimum SFI Spec 1.1 or 1.2 is mandatory on all vehicles with engines running 4500 RPM or more. All manual transmissions must be clutch assisted. Sequential shifters are prohibited. All vehicles with engines running 4500 RPM or more and equipped with a manual transmission must have a flywheel shield labeled as meeting minimum SFI Spec 6.3 or greater. Applications for which an SFI Spec flywheel shield is not available may use a properly attached SFI 4.1 or 4.2 blanket that completely covers the bell housing; it must be attached to the block and extend rearward to the transmission with a minimum six inch overlap where it is fastened.

Turbocharger: The vehicle is limited to a single turbocharger; the inducer bore on the compressor housing may be 2.6”. The inlet will be measured using a 2.65-inch plug or internal calipers. Bushing from any larger turbo size down to a 2.6 turbo is PROHIBITED. A stock map width enhancement (MWE) groove is allowed. No MWE groove will be allowed that has a width greater than 1/4 inch. The 2.6” bore must be within 2” of the compressor wheel tips. All provisions allowing air to the wheel other than via the bore and the MWE groove are prohibited. 6.4 liter Powerstroke engines may utilize the factory twin-turbo configuration. **A “3.0” smooth bore turbo will be permitted if the truck runs Open Driveline” – Trucks will weigh 8000 Lbs. The 3.0 turbo charger is must be a smooth faced intake housing, limited to a 3.0” inlet, (no map ring) with all air entering through the 3.0” intake opening. Intake wheel must protrude 1/8th inch inside of opening.

Water Injection: Water injection is prohibited. All system components must be removed from the truck. Wheelbase: The vehicle must retain the original unaltered factory wheelbase and track width. Front dual-wheel spacers may be used only with accompanying positive-offset dually style wheels. A truck that has “Modified” their OEM Frame/Body is limited to 158” wheelbase. The modifications must use all OEM parts for modification.