Snyder County Tractor Pullers Association


Weight - 10,500

CUT TIRES ALLOWED. Tires limited to a Single V cut or Cut and a Half 24.5 X 32, NO Double Cut or Puller 2000 Tires.


1. Contest is open to farm tractors with rubber tires, no dual wheels, no tire studs, or chains; no governor strings or wires, etc. Four wheel drive allowed; front drive must be disengaged during the pull.

2. The tractor operator must be 16 years of age.

3. The tractor must have a stock appearing block. Engines must have the right number of cylinders for the series of tractor. Cubic Inch limit to 619 CID.

4. Drawbar height 20 inches. Minimum drawbar length is 18 inches from center of rear axle to center of hole at point of hook.

5. Hitching device must have a 3 X 3.5 inch hole. Drawbar must be a minimum of 1 (one) inch thick steel, and 1 (one) inch thick from rear edge of bar.

6. No pressurized tanks allowed except for LP gas, no oxygen or alcohol fuels allowed or other fuels allowed: tractor will be checked.

7. All exhaust must exit upward and be a minimum of 18 inches above the hood line. NO rain caps or flappers.

8. No weight may be extended 24 inches beyond front of the tractor.

9. All tractors must be equipped with a hood, fenders and grill.

10. The use of torque converters and automatic shifts will be permitted during the pull.

11. Maximum fuel injection pump shall be an A series in-line pump.

12. Tractors may be equipped with any single staged turbo charger. Turbo charger must have an inlet opening of no more than 3 inches.

13. Tractor must have the following safety equipment.

14. Tractor is to be equipped with a wide front end. Wide front end tires must track the back tires.

15. Fuel system: one plunger per cylinder allowed only.