Snyder County Tractor Pullers Association


Class open to all vehicles  


6,500 Open Class: Naturally Aspirated (Single Engine NA Modified Tractors and NA Tractors)

 8,500, 10,000 lbs. Open Classes 

Tractor Draw Bar Height: 20 inches  

4 x 4 Trucks (Gas and Diesel) Draw Bar Height: 26 inches 

Modified Two Wheel Drive Trucks: 30 inches and weigh 6,200 lbs

Vehicle must have all the proper safety equipment for the class normally pulled

Tire Size Maximum: 30.5 x 32

Cut Tires Allowed


1. Driver must be 18 years of age to pull.

2. No R.P.M. Limit

3. No pace

4. No dual tires allowed, or four wheel drive

5. Committee has the right to reject any tractor they feel unsafe for competition.

6. Hitching device must have a 3 inch hole. Drawbar must be a minimum of 1 (one) inch thick steel, and 1 (one) inch thick from rear edge of bar.

7. If tractor is equipped with a roll cage and harness, the drive must wear a fire suit. (Fire suits are highly recommended for all drivers)

8. Driver must wear a helmet.

9. Tractor is to be equipped with a wide front end. Wide front end tires must track the back tires.

10. Tractor must have the following safety equipment.

11. Diesel turbo tractors exhaust pipe must be cross bolted with two 3/8" grade five bolts within one inch of each other.