Snyder County Tractor Pullers Association


 5800, 6500, 7200, 8000 CLASS


1. Vehicle must be registered, inspected and have current insurance. Driver must have current drivers license.

2. Maximum weight includes driver.  

3. FUEL: Pump gasoline only. All forms of nitro as a fuel additive is illegal. Nitrous oxide or combustion accelerators are illegal. Diesel fuel permitted in diesel engine vehicles.

4. All vehicles must have 4-wheel hydraulic brakes in good working condition.

5. No gas tanks, fuel lines or batteries allowed in cab of vehicle unless factory installed. If a fuel cell is used to replace original gas tank, it must be securely mounted in the bed of the truck.

6. TIRES: Must have D.O.T. approved number. Tires may not exceed 13" in width (measured sidewall to sidewall). Tires may not exceed more than 3" beyond original fenders.

7. All vehicles must have working suspension front and rear. NO BLOCK SUSPENSION. Cannot limit wheel travel in any way.

8. Weights or ballast must be securely fastened. (NONE TO BE INSIDE OF CAB). No loose objects in vehicle.

9. Engine and radiator must be in original location as intended by manufacturer.

10. Body, hood, fenders, must meet O.E.M. specifications. Flat beds must meet PA State inspection rules. Beds must have a full floor. All window glass must be in place. (NO PLEXIGLASS WINDOWS). Windows must function properly; up or down.

11. Engine must have Stock Idle

12. Front Bumper must be Stock

13. Truck must have a Class 3 Reese type trailer hitch. Hitch must be bolted to rear of truck frame behind rear axel. NO PINTLE HITCHES. Hitch Opening must be at least 3'' in diameter. No pulling off of rear bumper.