A.   Tractor must be a stock block agricultural      

      tractor with no visual engine modifications. No cubic inch limit. Engine must be original type or factory replacement. All turbochargers must be under the hood. Original hood and grill must be in place. No electric fuel pump unless stock factory equipment. Starter must be in place. All wheels must be in place. All stock tractors must have PTO and hydraulics present and working on 1960 and newer tractor or have factory manufactured cover in place. Fenders must be present on all 1960 and newer tractors.


B.   All factory fuel tanks must be in place and in use and all air cleaners with proper elements in place and in use on all farm stock classes.


C.         All exhaust must :          

a.        Discharge upward with a minimum pipe length of 18” from the hood line or use a muffler. If a curved pipe is used it must discharge forward unless it is stock factory equipped that does not allow it to be turned.

b.       Be a factory underslung exhaust system in working condition.


D.   No turbochargers or intercoolers allowed in 5,500 lb., 7,500 lb., and 9,500 lb. classes unless original factory equipment for that make and model being entered. Any 3” turbocharger allowed in 11,500 lb., 13,500 lb., and 15,500 lb. classes.


E.   Weight classes and the maximum horsepower ratings as taken from the HOOTLINE EQUIPMENT GUIDE. 5,500 lb. - maximum PTO HP 65; 7,500 lb. – maximum PTO HP 85; 9,500 lb. – maximum PTO HP 105; 11,500 lb., 13,500 lb., and 15,500 lb. – maximum PTO HP 200. A dynamometer can be used at club discretion.


F.   Weight classes and maximum tire width for that class are as follows: 5,500 lb. (15.5 x 38 or 16.9 x 38); 7,500 lb. (18.4 x 38); 9,500 lb. (20.8 x 38); 11,500 lb., 13,500 lb., 15,500 lb. (24.5). Rim width may not be wider than tires being used. Example: 15.5 tire on a 15 ½” rim. Width determined by 1977 tire data.


G.   Contest open to two wheel drive tractors with rubber tires (no sharpened tires, no dual tires, no tire studs or chains permitted). Four wheel drive tractors allowed if front wheels are disengaged.


H.   Drawbar is to be stationary in all directions with not more than 1” of movement in any one direction. Maximum height of drawbar to be 20”. Length of drawbar to be no less 24” ( 18” for 4,500, 5,500, and 7,500 lb. classes) from the center of the rear axle. Drawbar must be equipped with a steel hitching device not more than 1” thickness and minimum 3” diameter opening. Cross sectional thickness must be 7/8” minimum. Pulling point may not be more than 1 ½” from back edge of hitching device. PTPA suggests fastening the hitching device with one 7/8” or two 5/8” grade 5 bolt or bolts. No top bracing except complete factory setup. No quick hitch type adapters allowed on tractors.


I.   No portion of tractor or ballast may interfere with sled or sled hitch during pull.

J.    No weight frame or weight may extend more than  24” beyond the forward most point of the tractor. All weight frames and weights must be stationary and safely secured to the tractor and must not extend rearward beyond the rear tires. No weights may be located in a position which could hinder safe operation of the tractor. No weights on the drivers seat. No weights or brackets may exceed in width 12” beyond the tires. Any ballast or external parts lost while hooked to the sled will be cause for disqualification. Internal parts excepted. No  weights or brackets to be closer than 8” to the drawbar point of hook.

K.   All tractors must be equipped with workable rear wheel brakes.

L.    All Stock tractors are limited to 10% over factory RPM limit, with a maximum 3,000 RPM limit on all stock tractors. If during a check of RPM’s the tractor exceeds 3,200 rpm the tractor will be barred from pulling at that event and all purse monies, if any has been accumulated by that tractor at that event, are forfeited back to the promoter. If a driver is notified after making a pull but before leaving the track area of an RPM check, and average of three (3) consecutive checks show RPM’s in excess of 3,000 RPM’s then the tractor is disqualified from that class.

M.   During a pull the governor must be in working condition and must not allow the engine to exceed 3,000 rpm under load.

N.   Any rotating PTO shaft that cannot be stopped by the driver’s hand must be shielded.

O.   All stock tractors must be tech inspected before being allowed to hook and compete. After a tractor has been inspected and passed, a stock tractor tech form must be signed by the tech inspector and the driver.

P.    Stock tractors can compete in no more than two (2) classes with that particular tractor.

Q.   All officially sanctioned contests must have available a dirt track not to exceed 250’ in length and not less than 30’ in width.

R.   All contestants must be at least 18 years of age or 14 years of age with a parent or guardians         signed consent form.

S.   The use if torque converters, automatic shifts, etc. will be permitted if original factory equipment for      make and model

T.   To accumulate PTPA points at a PTPA sanctioned stock event, all stock drivers / vehicles must be PTPA members. 

U.   No farm stock puller shall be denied a chance to hook for having safety equipment.